Four star rating
"It made my skin crawl... I could not put it down!"

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Rats. They brought the Black Death. They're fiercely intelligent. They eat anything.

Now there's a new breed of rat in the sewers of New York City...a version 2.0...and they're hungry for blood.

Ex-con Sam Shaw has problems. Bradley, his estranged son of fifteen years, has moved in for the summer and Sam has no clue how to be a dad. Plus, the building he maintains has become infested with super smart rats that crave living flesh. But Sam's problems don't stop there. He also has a debilitating fear of rats.

With the help of a crew of rodent experts, Sam and Bradley must battle the infestation before they, and the building's tenants, are eaten alive.

Vermin 2.0... Can they be stopped?