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Tied Cover Sketch

Tied cover takes shape

As I wrote the first draft of Tied, in the back of mind, a picture of the cover formed. By the time I was done the first draft, I had been “living” in my story for 8 months and the image of the cover was always there.

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Tied Writing Progress

Write every day

Write every day, or that’s the goal. For my first novel, with daily work and family duties, the only time I was able to carve out for myself was weekend mornings. Here’s a chart of my progress.

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James Patterson Masterclass

James Patterson’s Masterclass

Back in July, I enrolled in James Patterson’s Masterclass course. The price was reasonable and the course was complimented by a workbook and membership to a closed Facebook group, where other writers could share their insights.

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Collate Tied Manuscript

Print collated

Important Note: When printing off a manuscript, it’s a time-saver if you print it collated. Otherwise…

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Noahs Noodles Prototype

And so it begins!

I’ve created and designed a lot of books during my lifetime, all for other authors, using their content and their designs. This is the first book I wrote and illustrated (and later self-published) to celebrate my son’s second birthday.

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My Desk

My first official post

So, I’m planning on writing books. I’m going to blog about it and this is my first post. I’ve had the writing bug for a while now. My only children’s book has been on Amazon since 2012. Then I got busy, got a job outside the home, and had a lot less free time.

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