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Didactic Definition

The didactic empire strikes back

I’ve started my second, deeper editing pass on Tied, where I flesh out more detail and fix problem areas. I understand what didactic writing is, but it wasn’t until I was a fifth of the way through when I realized something.

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Frankenscript Typewriter

Reinventing yourself is hard work

I’ve been lucky. Most of my jobs/careers over my lifetime so far have been interesting and fun. That made spending time at a job worthwhile, even when it took me away from other interests.

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Alligator Pie: The Musical

Thanks go to my parents for introducing the poetry of Dennis Lee to my brothers and I. Many of his poems I can still remember vividly. I sometimes wonder if exposure to his poetry at a young age formed part of who I am as a writer.

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Screenplay as an outline

A different way to write a novel

I’m a firm believer in outlining a story before writing the first draft. The outline isn’t written in stone. I allow myself to diverge if needed, but I always come back to the story line. It’s my map from A to B. Here’s a different method you might want to consider.

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Sweet Pea and Friends

A self-publishing success story

I’m sure you’ve heard about the story of “Sweet Pea & Friends: The SheepOver” by now. No? Well, read on. I’m taking a quick look at how it became a success.

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