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Getting read is security, too

Last Thursday’s post was about registering copyright, which I feel is a must for every published work. Is there any other forms of protection?

Much as copyright protects me, many eyes on my work forms a protection of sorts. Alone, it wouldn’t be enough to stand up in a court of law, but if multiple people can testify to having read my work, especially before it was published, they can serve as witnesses to the creation of your story.

The logic is as follows: if I show my story to no one, as far as everyone else is concerned, it does not exist. Therefore, if many people have seen or read my work and can attest to who the creator is, the work exists, and that evidence can be beneficial when determining the owner of intellectual property.

Of course, someone trying to steal my work could do the same thing. Still, the best bet is to register copyright officially.

Then I don’t worry about it and start writing another book. If someone is dumb enough to try and pass off my work as their own, I am well protected.

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