Halloween 2017 Group Promo

Halloween group promotion

A few times a year, I take part in group promotions. A bunch of authors join forces to pool the power of their subscription lists. There’s a big scary one this month!

From October 13 through 31, over 50 horror books and book samples will be up for grabs.

Fair warning, some authors may require email addresses to snag their books. If you’re familiar with group promotions, this won’t come as a surprise.

I have adopted the industry-recommended practice of permission-based email marketing for reader groups. Readers interested in reading a sample of my books can do so without joining my mailing list. I now leave that decision in their hands, as it should have been from the start. Always learning. 🙂

So check out this Halloween promotion. Take your time and browse. You’ve got just over two weeks before they disappear in a puff of smoke.

Since 1992, Lee has worked within the visual and dramatic arts landscape as a graphic designer, illustrator, visual effects artist, screenwriter and author.

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