Uncharted Territory

Writing is magic. I’ll never understand how it works the way it does, but I do know if I put energy into it, it rewards me in strange and wonderful ways.

Mountain Valley Writing

Writing between mountains

I’m about to launch into some deep symbolism, or complete cliche. I won’t know until I’m done. It’s all part of the process. Bear with me.

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My Super 8 - Sankyo EM-30XL

Screenwriting and first person

Since I made the transition to writing books almost two years ago, all three so far have been written in third person unlimited point of view. I didn’t want to face the restrictions of writing in first person. Then I experienced an epiphany.

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Third book baby

My third book begins

While my Vermin is with my editor, I was going to work on my cover. Since that would take a week at most, I decided to change the plan and begin my third book. Get the writing ball rolling. Maintain momentum.

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Vermin manuscript

Manuscript of Vermin completed

I just finished the first draft of my next book, Vermin. This time is always a little bitter sweet for me, since it’s time to step away from the story and characters that have grown on me for the past four and a half months. I’ll miss them.

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Rejection takes all forms

I chose to self-publish because I didn’t want to wait for weeks (or months) to hear back from a publisher and be faced with another rejection. Most times, I wouldn’t hear back at all. With self-publishing I maintain control, which is better, right?

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Stay positive

Staying positive

As a writer, negativity, depression, and self-doubt are feelings I experience on a regular basis, but thankfully not on a daily basis.

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Backup your work

Backup your work, please

In this digital world, making backups of my work is a necessity. I am amazed when I hear that people still don’t do it. Luckily I do, and it saved my ass.

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Lee Gabel's new website

So hey, I’ve got a new website

I launched my new website last week after my free preview ended. It seemed like a good way to celebrate the number of people who downloaded my book. And remember how I was hoping for more than 85 free downloads? Well, again, it didn’t work out quite the way I had hoped. But…

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