Shifting priorities

Shifting priorities

I’ve been going hard on the social media and blog posts for the past six months. It’s taking its toll on me. Here’s what I’ve decided to do.

I’m shifting focus on some of the social media. I’m going to back off a bit from Twitter with regards to frenetic posting just for the sake of producing original content. Some of you may remember (or might have seen) the word of the day I’ve been posting since the beginning of the year. They are among the worst performing tweets I have posted, so I have decided to let them go. No one is interested.

I will be continuing with my writing prompts and on the bus posts because they’re fun to write and it keeps my creative juices flowing. I’ve decided to stop my 6am tweets because it was burning me out. It’s hard to believe that one tweet every morning could affect me to that degree, but it did. Maybe it was the fact that every one was unique and it’s difficult to maintain that. Plus it began to interfere with my writing of my next novel.

I’ve thought of trying to automate Twitter posts, and that runs the risk of looking stale and unengaging. I’m not a robot. I want to get back to tweets that show who I am as a writer, and not about process. If people want process, they can seek it out here.

I will continue to write blog posts, but perhaps not at a rate of two to three posts per week. I want my next novel to take more of that time, but I’ll still post regularly. A blog must be a living thing.

Photo by Matt Richards

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