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Vermin manuscript edited

Vermin manuscript is back

As I’ve been working away on my third book, David’s Summer, my editor has been hard at work on Vermin. Well, it’s back, and that’s a good thing.

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Rod Serling on writing

I could listen to Rod Serling talk all damn day. There’s something about his straightforwardness and honesty about writing that just just boils concepts down to their essence.

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Screenplay as an outline

A different way to write a novel

I’m a firm believer in outlining a story before writing the first draft. The outline isn’t written in stone. I allow myself to diverge if needed, but I always come back to the story line. It’s my map from A to B. Here’s a different method you might want to consider.

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Tied manuscript is back from editor!

Tied manuscript is back!

I got my manuscript for Tied back from my editor on Friday. I took a quick flip through and it looks like I’ve got some work ahead of me. I expected nothing less.

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