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My Super 8 - Sankyo EM-30XL

Screenwriting and first person

Since I made the transition to writing books almost two years ago, all three so far have been written in third person unlimited point of view. I didn’t want to face the restrictions of writing in first person. Then I experienced an epiphany.

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Screenplay as an outline

A different way to write a novel

I’m a firm believer in outlining a story before writing the first draft. The outline isn’t written in stone. I allow myself to diverge if needed, but I always come back to the story line. It’s my map from A to B. Here’s a different method you might want to consider.

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Stephen King Author

17 lessons from Stephen King

I guess I’m a “little” biased (“Little? HA!”)  since I’m a self-confessed uberfan, but Stephen King’s advice continues to be both wise and inspirational.

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