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KDP Rocket

Review of KDP Rocket (now Publisher Rocket)

In order to sell books, my books need to be visible in order to be discovered. One way to do that is through searching on Amazon. Another is through advertising, and in this review, I am referring to advertising through Amazon Marketing Services (AMS).

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Snipped back from the editor

Snipped is back from my editor

I just received my first draft manuscript for Snipped back from my editor. Woot! I’m just about to leap into the changes. I plan to have the book on pre-order as soon as possible and released in March 2018.

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Kobo's limited indie categories

Kobo’s categories

The key to selling books, selling anything really, is discoverability. If people can’t find your product, it won’t sell no matter how good it is. An indie author lives and dies on discoverability.

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Amazing prices

My struggle with advertising

I’ve worked for myself for 17 of the last 20 years. My business focus has changed a couple times, from graphic design to Hollywood visual effects to writing and self-publishing. Throughout that time, I had to do minimal advertising. Until now.

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Hot Breath Karaoke

It’s about connection

I’ve written in the past about why I write, about the magic of being immersed in a story as my characters pull me in interesting and sometimes surprising directions. But there’s more to it than that.

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Rejection takes all forms

I chose to self-publish because I didn’t want to wait for weeks (or months) to hear back from a publisher and be faced with another rejection. Most times, I wouldn’t hear back at all. With self-publishing I maintain control, which is better, right?

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Stay positive

Staying positive

As a writer, negativity, depression, and self-doubt are feelings I experience on a regular basis, but thankfully not on a daily basis.

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Social Media Shark

Social media is like a shark

Part of self-promotion is engaging with social media, using platforms like WordPress, Facebook, Twitter and others. I use some and I’ll admit that sometimes it’s difficult to keep up with it all.

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