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Vermin manuscript edited

Vermin manuscript is back

As I’ve been working away on my third book, David’s Summer, my editor has been hard at work on Vermin. Well, it’s back, and that’s a good thing.

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Third book baby

My third book begins

While my Vermin is with my editor, I was going to work on my cover. Since that would take a week at most, I decided to change the plan and begin my third book. Get the writing ball rolling. Maintain momentum.

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Vermin manuscript

Manuscript of Vermin completed

I just finished the first draft of my next book, Vermin. This time is always a little bitter sweet for me, since it’s time to step away from the story and characters that have grown on me for the past four and a half months. I’ll miss them.

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A dead rat

The universe is telling me something

On Friday, I gave two weeks notice at my office job. I will be pursuing writing full time. I won’t lie. It was difficult to walk away from a paycheck. It was the first job I have ever quit. However, everything else about the decision was easy and the reason why might surprise you.

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Vermin at two months

Two months into my second novel Vermin

For my first novel Tied, I reserved my writing time for weekend mornings. I got up at 6am on Saturday and Sunday and wrote for a several hours. My first draft took eight months. For my second novel, Vermin, I’m doing it differently.

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The rat knows...

My second novel begins

After spending months in production and promotion mode, I am finally beginning my second novel. It’s great to get back into it, but will I do things differently?

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