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Read to write

When I write screenplays, my mantra, borrowed from Scott Myers at Go Into The Story, is “Watch movies. Read scripts. Write pages.” What about adapting that to writing books?

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Writing in coffee shops

Working in coffee shops

How many writers out there work best in coffee shops? I’m guessing there are many of you that swear by it. It’s a great place to observe the people going about their daily lives. But how safe are you?

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Dime Dozen

Ideas are a dime a dozen

It’s true. Ideas are everywhere. Some are better and more compelling than others. The trick, and the skill, I think, is deciding which one to spend six months to a year of your life on. That’s why outlines are so important. But I digress…

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Social Media Shark

Social media is like a shark

Part of self-promotion is engaging with social media, using platforms like WordPress, Facebook, Twitter and others. I use some and I’ll admit that sometimes it’s difficult to keep up with it all.

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Rod Serling on writing

I could listen to Rod Serling talk all damn day. There’s something about his straightforwardness and honesty about writing that just just boils concepts down to their essence.

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Google Analytics

Google Analytics, everything and the kitchen sink

I am self-publishing my books. If I’m extremely lucky, maybe I won’t have to in the future, but for now, I have to take on everything a publisher would do. That includes marketing and knowing the whos, whats, wheres, whys and hows of my website traffic. Google Analytics is perfect for this.

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Believe in Yourself

Believe in yourself

For the longest time I resisted writing a novel. I would read novels, and say to myself I can do that, but I never started. It was a frustrating time in my life, especially after writing several screenplays. It was like this fantastic adventure was right in front of me, but forever out of my grasp.

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Didactic Definition

The didactic empire strikes back

I’ve started my second, deeper editing pass on Tied, where I flesh out more detail and fix problem areas. I understand what didactic writing is, but it wasn’t until I was a fifth of the way through when I realized something.

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