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Seth Godin Author

Advice for authors from Seth Godin

Thanks to the Internet and websites like Amazon and Barnes & Noble, there are so many options for the beginning writer today. I will be self-publishing my first novel through Amazon’s Kindle platform first.

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Stephen King Author

17 lessons from Stephen King

I guess I’m a “little” biased (“Little? HA!”)  since I’m a self-confessed uberfan, but Stephen King’s advice continues to be both wise and inspirational.

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Emma Darwin Author

Showing and telling

As I wrote my first novel, I would often struggle and pause, thinking about the distinction between showing and telling. Too much telling, and there’s no life. To much showing, and the reader can get lost, or overwhelmed.

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Tied Writing Progress

Write every day

Write every day, or that’s the goal. For my first novel, with daily work and family duties, the only time I was able to carve out for myself was weekend mornings. Here’s a chart of my progress.

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James Patterson Masterclass

James Patterson’s Masterclass

Back in July, I enrolled in James Patterson’s Masterclass course. The price was reasonable and the course was complimented by a workbook and membership to a closed Facebook group, where other writers could share their insights.

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