Vermin manuscript

Vermin’s publishing date approaches

If there’s one thing I’ve learned in my brief dip into self-publishing so far, is things often take longer than expected. But Vermin is so close…

What can I say? I was overly optimistic and excited when I was writing Vermin (it’s a fun read.) Plus, I did not allow enough time for the manuscript to go through the editing process. I should have allowed for months instead of weeks.

Now, I’m finishing up the final edits before the manuscript goes out to my fabulous advance reader team. I’m sure they’ll pick up on a few things I’ve missed, and the story will become tighter…harder, better, faster, stronger. 😉

For Vermin, I plan to release an exclusive preview on InstaFreebie to build awareness before launch. And I’m going to give it lots of time.

What did I do while Vermin was being edited? I wrote another book. As Vermin approaches publication, David’s Summer will soon head to the editor.

That can only mean one thing: it’s time to begin writing another book. 🙂

UPDATE: Vermin’s exclusive preview is now live!

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