Detest-A-Pest Series, Books 1-3

Follow Sam, O’Connor, and the entire Detest-A-Pest crew as they battle strange and savage creatures, all in the name of pest extermination.

While it is not necessary to read the Detest-A-Pest series in order, it is more enjoyable if you do.

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Vermin 2.0: Hunger Pains
(Detest-A-Pest #1)

Sam, an ex-con with a rat phobia, joins forces with his estranged son, his neighbors and a team of exterminators, to rid his apartment building of an infestation of super intelligent rats before they’re eaten alive. Part one of the Detest-A-Pest Series.

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Arachnid 2.0: Darkness Crawls
(Detest-A-Pest #2)

Upon returning home for his senior year, Bradley uncovers a colony of man-eating spiders. But the spiders aren’t the only threat. Sam and O’Connor are back as well as a new crew of inventive teens in the second part to the Detest-A-Pest Series.

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Molerat 2.0: Terror Burrows
(Detest-A-Pest #3)

O’Connor, Sam, and Hope hit the road for what looks like an easy payday in a tropical paradise. What awaits them is beyond their worst nightmares. Part three of the Detest-A-Pest Series.

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Detest-A-Pest Series, Cases #1-3

Join O’Connor, Sam, Bradley, and Hope as they battle horrible creatures hell bent on devouring them whole. Download cases #1-3 in a convenient exclusive 1,154 page bundle.

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