Dreamwaker Saga, Books 1-3

During the summer of 1986, a North Dakotan teenager uses an indigenous power to pull the boy of her dreams into reality. When the local psychopath steals the boy for herself, the teenager must fight to reunite him with her mind or risk insanity.

The Dreamwaker Saga should be read in order.

Word count contest is ending soon!

The word count contest continues to collect entries, but come next month, I will bring the contest to a close. The final day for entries will be July 31, 2022, the release day of book one of the Dreamwaker Saga. I will give away a signed copy of all three books in paperback form to the reader who guesses the first draft word count of ALL THREE BOOKS in the saga. That’s the word counts of all three books ADDED TOGETHER.

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Lucid Bodies
(Dreamwaker Saga #1)

Tired of waiting for a boyfriend, Wynter uses newly discovered powers to summon the boy of her dreams into physical form. When the local psychopath abducts the boy for herself, Wynter enlists the help of her teenage friends and the town sheriff to get the boy back.

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Lucid Revenge
(Dreamwaker Saga #2)

Trapped within her own mind, Wynter must learn new ways to use her newfound powers. With no access to her dreamwaker boyfriend, she uses the power of dreams to convince her good friend Cash to help her find him.

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Lucid Fate
(Dreamwaker Saga #3)

Freed from her mind-altering limbo, Wynter’s sanity continues to erode. She needs her dreamwaker boyfriend back to become whole again. Jezebel has blocked every attempt and time is running out.

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