First of all, if you are here because of a desire to write fanfiction within one of my books’ universes, thank you. I am humbled that you see my writing worthy of your time and energy.

While I can not stop you from writing fanfiction (nor would I, writing is one of most freeing creative acts I know), there are a few things I want to make clear:

  • I cannot read your fanfiction. Since all my books are still technically “live” and I could write sequels to any of them, I must be able to continue stories without being influenced in any way, consciously or subconsciously. Reading your fanfiction could open a legal can of worms that neither I nor you would want to deal with.
  • Please do not post your fanfiction stories online if the universe involved has not been officially retired. Presently none of my books have been officially retired.
  • Please do not link your fanfiction stories to me in any way.

Thanks for understanding (and taking an interest in my work.)