When writing my stories, I enjoy working in music whenever possible. It helps me envision the scene in my head, and hopefully as a reader, in your head as well. If you find any songs I have missed mentioning from my books, please let me know. As a thank you, I might have something cool for you in return.

If you’re a Spotify person:

If you prefer a YouTube playlist, find that here!

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Tied: A Street Gang Novel

Vermin 2.0: Hunger Pains (Detest-A-Pest #1)

David’s Summer

Snipped: A Cutting Comedy

Arachnid 2.0: Darkness Crawls (Detest-A-Pest #2)

Molerat 2.0: Terror Burrows (Detest-A-Pest #3)

Lucid Bodies (Dreamwaker Saga #1)
The Dreamwaker Saga takes place in the 1980s, so naturally the songs referenced are all within that decade or earlier.

Lucid Revenge (Dreamwaker Saga #2)

Lucid Fate (Dreamwaker Saga #3)