Dear Reader

When you think of reading ebooks for free, do you think of using your local library? As time marches on, more libraries around the world are seeking online alternatives. Since the COVID pandemic, it’s even more important to have access to worlds of entertainment and learning, from novels to cookbooks to local history, all at your fingertips any time, anywhere.

And it’s so easy and fast to get reading for free through your local library. I’m serious! It takes less than a minute.

After downloading a free library reading app like Libby, Palace Project, BorrowBox, or CloudLibrary, you can access your local library’s online collections and read to your heart’s content. Don’t know which app to use? Contact your local library, or let the reading app figure it out for you.

The Palace Project

But libraries aren’t free.

That is true. Libraries exist to serve your community and are principally funded using municipal sources (taxes), grants, supplemental state and federal aid programs, philanthropy, and endowments.[Wikipedia] But it all starts with your community. Why not use a service that’s designed to serve you? Your local library’s ebook collection operates very much like a subscription service on Kobo Plus or Kindle Unlimited. But instead of benefiting a large corporation, reading locally benefits both you and your community, and it keeps your local library in operation.

Additional bonus: There is no additional monthly subscription cost, unlike with a subscription reading service. Sounds like a win-win to me.

But I can’t find the ebooks I want to read.

If you cannot find my books (or the books you want) through the free Libby, BorrowBox, or CloudLibrary apps, simply ask your local librarian to acquire a copy for you. More often than not, they will be happy to assist you. Then spread the word so others can enjoy!

Your local library in your hand!

Installing the free Libby, Palace Project, BorrowBox, or CloudLibrary apps takes only a minute or two. Give the apps a spin. I’d wager that the only thing you’ll lose is time, because you’ll be reading so much.