Standalone Books

These books are not part of a series… yet! There’s always a way to continue a story. However, they will entertain you just the same.

And if you want me to continue one of these stories, please let me know. I love hearing from readers.

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David’s Summer

After her newborn son is diagnosed with cancer, Deanna quickly focuses on her frantic need for a cure, but when her husband raises questions of quality of life vs. quantity, she chooses to seek treatment options alone and risks not just the life of her baby, but her relationship with her family as well.

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Tied: A Street Gang Novel

After being rejected by her older sister’s gang, Jess, a teen-aged girl from a troubled home, joins a rival gang and fights for her life on the streets of South Los Angeles.

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Snipped: A Cutting Comedy

Ted tries to improve his bedroom blues by getting a vasectomy. But is the risk worth the reward when he finds true love?

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Noah’s Noodles

A slippery story of food and fun for younger children, especially toddlers, preschoolers and children learning to read.

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