Meet Happy Rat. They've been hired to become evil.

Let's get them to makeup... digital makeup, that is.

First we’ll add some muscle...

...and some grizzled ears.

Next we’ll give them some creepy red eyes.

Oh, that looks nice! But they don't look evil enough.

Now Happy Rat is an evil rat.

Let’s put them into a creepy environment.

Here's a nice, deserted city street. Let’s make it creepy.

(Image: Patrick Tomasso,

Hey Evil Rat! Come here!

We need a little atmosphere. Some fog, some smoke, some back lighting.

Looking good, Mr. Evil Rat!

We can't have back lighting without shadow! Let's add some.

Shadowy and creepy. Very nice!

Evil lurks in darkness. Let's make everything darker.

Congratulations Mr. Evil Rat! You’re a star! One thing left: the book title!

Introducing the Detest-A-Pest creature feature series.